Ice Bar - The only way to CHILLAX
Our  Deliciously Tasty Flavours
 Hawaiian Ice can be created to match any THEME
Our most popular
Pink Princess party - everything pink 
Football party - created in your team colours
Hawaiian Party - a burst of colour served with an umbrella and lei
Beach Party - golden sand and blue sea decorated with a jelly fish
Volcano - Classic cola and strawberry lava inc popping candy
(optional) a favourite with the boys!
Green Monster Party - Everything green with a splash of tigers blood inc jelly worms (optional)
If you have a theme and would like a special creation contact us.
Syrup List
Strawberry                Green Tangy Apple            
Mango                       Pink Lemonade
Tigers Blood               Pomegranate
Blue Raspberry           Cherry
Peach                        Pink Bubblegum
Lemon and Lime         Grape
Tropical                     Classic Cola
Red Raspberry            Root Beer
Orange                       Passion Fruit
Blueberry                   Cotton Candy
Iron Brew                   Blue Raspberry
Hawaiian Ice is served in a colourful flower cup, Sno-Tubz
are served in a thermal tub with a lid. Add up to 4 of our deliciously flavoured syrups to any one serving to create a fantastic refreshment that is bursting with colour and flavour.
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